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Otherwise lovingly known as Roshogolla in Bengali, Rasgulla is one of the most delicious and beloved Indian sweets. Mithai Basket Rasgulla Open and eat Tin is made with Chenna for an amazingly rich taste. Due to the usage of Chhena and the correct preparation method, Mithai Basket Rasgullas are also spongy and soft just like the original Bengali Rasgulla. Once prepared, the Rasggullas are hot-filled and sealed. This lip-smacking delicacy is one of the top-selling products in the Open & Eat Indian sweets category. Mithai Basket Rasgulla Tin is available in 1 pack sizes - Mithai Basket Rasgulla 1kg and Mithai Basket Rasgulla 1kg. To experience its wonderful taste all you have to do is just open the tin and eat…its that simple. Another supremely tasty mithai from the rich heritage of Indian sweets available under the Mithai Basketumbrella, in the tins format, is the Mithai Basket Gulab Jamun which too is available in 1 kg and 500gm packs. "Indian Mithai at its best" and along with these Ready to eat delicious sweets the tin format, you can also order Mithai Basket instant mix Gulab Jamuns and many other instant mixes from the house of Mithai Basket.

Mithai Basket Food, established in 1990, pioneered the packaged food segment by being the first company to introduce this concept of Instant mixes in India.

no preservative, rasgulla
Mithai Basket RASGULLA
Simply Irresistible Dessert!

Rasgulla also known as Roshogolla or Rosogolla is a famous Indian dessert made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena. It is cooked and served in light sugar syrup.

No Artificial Colors
No Added Flavor
Richer In Taste
Loaded with milk solids
Mithai Basket Rasgulla.
Ingredients, clean, hygiene


Mithai Basket Rasgulla.

Best Quality ingredients
To avoid any adulteration, the Chenna is produced at Mithai Basket factory itself. Milk is sourced from best Cow farms nearby and the curdled milk therefore gives the freshest Chenna possible.

Production process
An extremely high standard of quality, hygiene and safety is maintained at Mithai Basket Food. As soon the Rasgullas are ready, they are is transferred in a tin through the process of hot filling. Here, the temperature reaches 123 degree centigrade and is free of any micro-organisms such as virus or bacteria. As soon as hot filling is completed, they are sealed at high temperature. Due to this method of packaging , the Mithai Basket Rasgullas stay fresh without any preservatives for 9 months.

Expert tip
Order Mithai Basket Rasgulla online and keep them handy for any occasion. Along with the groceries ordered online, a Mithai Basket ready to eat rasgulla pack is all you need to have an amazing dessert in the form of this wonderful Indian Mithai.